In I Saw You in Beirut, a mysterious source of data on the Iranian nuclear industry sends an email from Tabriz. "Help. Contact Almquist." As Sara Almquist is drawn into the plan to identify and rescue the agent, known only as F, from Iran, she is forced to remember and re-evaluate characters from her student days at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and from her career as a globe-trotting epidemiologist. Which of her past decisions put her in jeopardy? Or is her current friendship with Sanders, a secretive State Department official, the real reason she's being attacked as she tries to rescue F?

Life Has Problems

My long-term publisher, Billie Johnson, at Oak Tree Press has had several strokes. Sadly, I had to ask for Oak Tree Press to return my rights to this book. That means this book (paperback and Kindle versions) is unavailable at Amazon until I republish it. The book is available at Treasure House Bookstore (2012 S Plaza St, Albuquerque NM; 505-242-7204). I hope to republish I Saw You in Beirut in 2018 because the story is relevant to current events.


Nonstop suspense flavored with cultural and scientific facts. I read it in record time and am looking forward to the next installment. —Susan Fox, PhD. nurse

Masterfully written tale of suspense.  Intriguing and believable. Greger displays her depth of medical and scientific knowledge with polished writing skills. —David Cropp, writer

Compelling story, filled with Middle East insights that can only come from first-hand experience. An international mystery that weaves elements of thriller, romance, and history in a fast-paced, twist-filled plot written against the backdrop of today's headlines. —Virgil Alexander, award-winning author

Impressive breadth and story-telling with compelling actors. —John Addegio, author

A smart, savvy mystery/thriller that is full of twists and turns. Characters are well-formed, the story arc is satisfying and the plot so believable that it could be ripped from the headlines. This is not fluffy romance or literary drivel—it's concise writing that takes the reader on a wild ride. The no-nonsense heroine, Sara Almquist, is the prototype for an intelligent, independent woman lead. Great fun to read! —Thonie Hevron, author & former police officer

Dark histories and aliases abound in J.L. Greger's latest mystery. Spunky Sara leads us through history while dodging bullets at the same time. Sanders, her quasi love interest, provides a solid counterpart. —D.R. Ransdell, author

Travel from Albuquerque to Washington to Madison to Iran and try to discover what ties these locations to the mysterious 'F'. A very interesting read. —Amazon Reader

I SAW YOU IN BEIRUT makes you think:

  • Were you surprised by the many interactions among scientists in the U.S. and Middle Eastern countries during the last seventy-five years? How should these interactions develop in the future?
  • Did you learn a bit about the geography, and culture of Lebanon, Oman, the Emirates, and Iran? Which would you like to visit?
Sites in I Saw You in Beirut.

Map of Middle East