When the Philippine flu breaks out in La Bendita, a walled community near the Rio Grande, the lives of its residents change radically and instantly. The few who are fortunate enough to avoid the killer flu become virtual prisoners in the homes when quarantine is imposed.

One resident, Sara Almquist, a medical epidemiologist, is compelled by habit and training to examine the elements of the epidemic, and pries into her neighbors' lives. She finds promising clues - maybe too many. Not all her neighbors in this upscale walled community are what they appear to be.

Life Has Problems

My long-term publisher, Billie Johnson, at Oak Tree Press has had several strokes. Sadly, I had to ask for Oak Tree Press to return my rights to this book. That means this book (paperback and Kindle versions) is unavailable at Amazon until I republish it. The book is available at Treasure House Bookstore (2012 S Plaza St, Albuquerque NM; 505-242-7204). I hope to republish Coming Flu in 2018 because the story is relevant to current events.


Won an award from Public Safety Writers Association (PSWA) in 2012

Coming Flu offers a thought-provoking glimpse into what a 21st century epidemic in the United States would be like… accuracy of events and realistic descriptions... This book is hard to put down and even harder to forget. —S. Connell Vondrak, forensic toxicologist and author of The Evidence is Clear.

The plot moves quickly, with many twists and turns. It keeps the readers on the edge of their seats, but at the same time, should make us all think… Coming Flu has realism and heart. —Marilyn Olsen, president of Public Safety Writers Association

While the work is fiction, it reads with a realism that sends shivers down the spine… I'll fully admit I am science-challenged, and a passage or two may have gone over my head, but it did not detract from the book at all. This was a quick read, as I couldn't wait to see what was going to come up next. Greger effortlessly combines aspects of a medical thriller with more traditional mystery/thriller elements to create a hybrid that is a thoroughly entertaining read. —Holli Castillo, appellate public defender & author

An intimate look at what could happen. Yes, there are similarities to the movie Contagion--but the big difference is this story is far more intimate--what could happen where you live. Exciting stuff... Highly recommended. —Marilyn Meredith, award winning author

It was hard for me to put this book down. I would strongly recommend it. —Joanie

Scary realism... This book will capture your imagination--and stir your fears--with the disturbing question of, what if? —C. K. Crigger, author

This tale gives very vivid examples of what could very well happen in the near future. —Jami Hart

COMING FLU makes you think:

  • What would you do if even the most casual contact with others could expose you to a deadly virus?
  • What are the limits of modern medicine when resources are stretched too thin as might occur in an epidemic?
  • When is the common good more important than individual rights? Is that when quarantines become necessary?