Malignancy won 1st place in the 2015 Public Safety Writers Association (PSWA) competition for published novels.

Men disguised as police officers shoot at Sara Almquist twice in one day. The Albuquerque police suspect Jim Mazzone, a drug czar who Sara tangled with in Bolivia, will order more hits on Sara. Thus when colleagues in the State Department invite Sara to arrange scientific exchanges between the U.S. and Cuba, she jumps at the chance to get out of town and to see the mysterious Xave Zack. Maybe, she should question their motives.

Life Has Problems

My long-term publisher, Billie Johnson, at Oak Tree Press has had several strokes. Sadly, I had to ask for Oak Tree Press to return my rights to this book. That means this book (paperback and Kindle versions) is unavailable at Amazon until I republish it. The book is available at Treasure House Bookstore (2012 S Plaza St, Albuquerque NM; 505-242-7204). I hope to republish Malignancy in 2018 because the story is relevant to current events.


Talk about authentic! While reading Malignancy, I had to remind myself it was a work of fiction. Greger's professional background adds just the right touch of realism. An intriguing read. —John M. Wills, award-winning author

Once again, J. L. Greger has given the reader a taut, well-written, fascinating look behind the scenes of scientific research combined with international intrigue. —Ilene Schneider, award-winning author

Sara's baaack! And so is Xave. In the fourth book in the medical suspense novels with Sara Almquist, Greger keeps the tension on from the beginning until the end. Malignancy is filled with multiple plot twists and turns and has Sara in yet another foreign country. As Greger always does, you get a real flavor of the locations Sara visits, in this book Washington, D.C. and Cuba. —Sharon Arthur Moore, award-winning author

This book weaves murders in Albuquerque with shadowy countries in Latin America and forensic technology together and makes the reader want to move quickly from page to page. —Pete Klismet, FBI (Retired), author

MALIGNANCY makes you think:

  • Think of the improvements in cancer therapy in the last fifty years. Where will future research go? What would be the consequences of successful cancer vaccines?
  • Do we, like Sara Almquist, often relearn the truth of this motto: Be careful what you wish for; you might get it?
  • What does the average American really know about Cuba? It's certainly more than vintage American cars and memorials to Che Guevara.