New Edition from Bug Press (Originally published as MURDER...A NEW WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT in 2013.)

Winner of 2016 Public Safety Writers Association annual contest for published novels. Finalist for a 2016 New Mexico/Arizona Book Award.

Dieting is hard. So is fitting into a new job where you aren't wanted. In Murder...A Way To Lose Weight, Dr. Linda Almquist is trying to do both as she investigates two diet doctors who are recklessly endangering the lives of the obese patients in their current research study. When she finds one diet doctor dead, the police suspect the other diet doctor. Then Linda receives a series of threats and the search for the killer widens to include a number of characters in the medical school.



Linda Almquist has the worst job on campus. She's an Associate Dean, a temporary appointment. If good things happen, the Dean gets the credit. If something bad happens, it's her fault. And something bad has happened in the Basic Sciences Medical Building. Izzy Roth lies dead on the floor. J. L. Greger has created a page-turner of a novel with well-formed characters in a believable setting. You'll find the Medical School faculty to be the group you might encounter in any office, anyplace, and especially on a college campus. —Dac Crossley, professor & writer

A thoroughly enjoyable, murder mystery without the clich├ęs of car chases and gun toting, swaggering detectives. (This) book is a welcome relief. This multi-layered mystery has all the twists and turns of a conventional murder mystery. Along the way, the reader is treated to a crisp, flowing writing style, peppered with ironic, humorous asides by the main character, Acting Dean Linda Almquist. We are also introduced to the world of cutting-edge, medical research and in particular weight loss, one of the hot topics of the day. —Beryl

I especially loved the quirky characters. The murder and mayhem kept my heart bumping and my interest increasing with each chapter. —Marlene Hawkes

Being a constant dieter and someone who tries every new diet fad on the market, the topic of overlooking ill effects of a diet product during scientific testing struck a chilling chord in me. The plot is unique and compelling, and although I am not a "science" person, the science part of the mystery was so well portrayed I had no problem understanding it. —Holli Costillo, lawyer & author

I've been around law enforcement and crime scenes for almost fifteen years. I'd say Greger nailed the scenes. —C. L. Swinney, Homicide detective & author

Greger combines science and complex characters in a politically charged environment of medical research. Her characters come across as real and her who-done-it keeps one guessing. —G Sajcich

MURDER...A WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT makes you think:

  • How are weight loss regimes and products developed and tested? How safe are they?
  • Are places, like medical schools with lots of bright, ambitious people, always hotbeds for controversy?
  • Can researchers find a magic bullet for weight loss?