Sara Almquist couldn't say no when invited to be the epidemiologist on a public health mission in Bolivia. Soon someone from her past in New Mexico is chasing her through the Witches' Market of La Paz and on to the silver mines of Potosí. Unfortunately, she can't trust her new colleagues, especially the sexy Xave Zack, because any one of them might be under the control of the coca industry in Bolivia. Worse still, she's not only put herself in danger, but also her sister Linda back in New Mexico.

Life Has Problems

My long-term publisher, Billie Johnson, at Oak Tree Press has had several strokes. Sadly, I had to ask for Oak Tree Press to return my rights to this book. That means this book (paperback and Kindle versions) is unavailable at Amazon until I republish it. The book is available at Treasure House Bookstore (2012 S Plaza St, Albuquerque NM; 505-242-7204). I hope to republish Ignore the Pain in 2018 because the story is relevant to current events.



The author with Bug.

Ignore the Pain contains enough twists, turns, and betrayals to keep the reader thoroughly engaged. JL Greger creates the most intriguing characters and infuses them with purpose and quick minds. She entertains you, she educates you and she takes you to places you've never been. You'll also feel a pinprick of pain and injustice as you read this novel. A must read! —Walter Luce, author

Ignore the Pain is a well-crafted suspense story J.L. Greger's knowledge of the science behind the story is apparent, and adds another dimension. I love it when a story captivates me and teaches me something. This story definitely does both! —S.L. Smith, author

I always enjoy Greger's books because I learn so much. Having worked in the medical field as well as academia, the author speaks with an authentic voice. She also writes about foreign locales in such a way that the reader feels as though they've visited the places. Her characters are engaging, and her plots are well-thought-out. —Lorna Collins, author & editor

Fans of suspense, unique locations, science and even romance will find something to like in this novel. —John Lindermuth, author

Bold writing, wonderful descriptions of people and places, and heart-pounding adventure. —F. M. Meredith, award-winning author

Ignore the Pain is a thought-provoking examination of what causes emotional and physical pain. Through vivid descriptions, but without gory details, she explores the issues around how drugs that are literally a life-saver for some, can turn others into monsters. A must-read. —Marilyn Olsen, President of Public Safety Writers Association

A nice brisk start puts Linda Almquist at the beginning of an intriguing problem, and we readily follow along with her. Scientific details give this series a spin most writers can't handle, but Greger's expertise lends itself to the extra level. Greger has a smooth style that reads well. Her information about campus life rings true and offers a glimpse into a particular kind of setting. The dual setting (New Mexico/Bolivia) and multiple points of view give a complete view of the story. —D. R. Randall, author

Action packed, well written spell binder. Kept me involved from start to finish. —Jim & Susan

A mystery/suspense novel for those who like some intellectual challenge with their nail biting. The author uses her background as a former biology professor to add depth to the story, and we learn as we speed read to find out how the story resolves. —Carolyn

IGNORE THE PAIN makes you think:

  • Pain is such a complex, riveting sensation. Why can some individuals control their responses to physical and emotional pain, while others are warped into monsters?
  • Will neuroscience research produce amazing new analgesics to fight pain? Will these reduce the usage of illicit drugs, like coca and its derivative cocaine?