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Janet L. Greger and Bug
  • March 4, 2018, 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Book signing for SHE DID NOT KNOW HER PLACE at Treasure House (on the square in Old Town Albuquerque)


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  • Riddled with Clues is available from Book and Table at a 10% discount and free shipping: bookandtablevaldosta@gmail.com
  • Murder...A Way to Lose Weight, Riddled with Clues, She Didn't Know Her Place, Other People's Mothers, and The Good Old Days? are available from Amazon (paperback and Kindle).
  • All books are available at Treasure House (2012 S Plaza St, Albuquerque NM; 505-242-7204) or from the author (janet.greger@comcast.net).

Weekly Blog on J. L. Greger's Bugs

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About The Author


What does an emerita professor from the University of Wisconsin-Madison do when she no longer leads a research lab and has teaching and administrative assignments?

I write novels with colorful and complex characters. Not surprisingly, the heroine in my Science Traveler Mysteries and Thrillers Series (six books) is Sara Almquist, a scientist, actually an epidemiologist, who describes herself as a professional busybody. Although I love Sara, I wanted to create a brassier woman with more inner demons, Dana Richardson, in my new mystery, She Didn't Know Her Place.

I read scientific journals weekly. But now I don't prepare grant proposals and lectures. I create twists and turns in the plots of my novels with science tidbits.

I still enjoy travel, but now I shape my experiences into locations for her novels. Thus, my heroine, Sara Almquist, was tailed while consulting at American University of Beirut (I Saw You in Beirut) and met a contact at Colon Cemetery in Havana (Malignancy). Sara might visit the romantic Taj Mahal with her special friend, Sanders, in a future novel.

I do pet therapy at local hospitals with my Japanese Chin dog, Bug. He's the inspiration for Bug in my novels. Without Bug, I wouldn't have met the homeless veterans and learned about the maze of buildings in the VA Medical Center in Albuquerque, which are featured in Riddled with Clues. Contact me at janet.greger@comcast.net for more info.

During the last several years, I interviewed dozens of people about their mothers and wrote short stories. I shared my tales about family life in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s in The Good Old Days? During the interviews, I realized narrators unintentionally warped the portraits of their mothers because of biases or lack of knowledge. I chose to emphasize the interactions of narrators and mothers in Other People's Mothers.

Thanks for visiting my website.

Thumbnails Of Novels

  • Learn whether the Philippine flu or a drug kingpin caught in a quarantine is more deadly in Coming Flu.
  • Discover whether an ambitious young "diet doctor" or old-timers with buried secrets are killers in Murder...A Way to Lose Weight.
  • Feel the fear as an epidemiologist learns too much about the coca trade and too little about a sexy new colleague while on a public health assignment in Bolivia in Ignore the Pain.
  • Know the tension as a woman scientist tries to escape the clutches of a drug lord and accepts a risky assignment in Cuba in Malignancy.
  • A woman's past provides clues for the extraction of a nuclear scientist from Iran in I Saw You in Beirut.
  • Could events in Laos fifty years ago matter today? In Riddled with Clues a woman is targeted after she listens to the strange tale of an undercover drug agent and his friend, Red.
  • What will academics at a state university in New England do to protect their "kingdoms" in She Didn't Know Her Place.