Would you rather be fired or face criminal charges? Dana Richardson faces that dilemma in her new job at a state university in New England. A research center, which reports to her, is falsifying data to help industrial clients meet federal pollution standards, and the last woman who tried to investigate the problem died under suspicious circumstances.

This academic mystery is not part of the Science Traveler series

ISBN: 978-1979733113
Bug Press in 2017.

Short stories are literature for people on the go. They make you think without dictating all the details.

OTHER PEOPLE'S MOTHERS: A Collection of Short Stories

The women in these 18 vignettes made choices. The narrators of the stories often didn't understand the basis of the decisions because of incomplete information or personal biases. Accordingly, they warped the portraits of the mothers. Think how you and your siblings remember childhood events slightly differently. Perhaps these stories will encourage you to take a fresh look at your mother and you'll gain a more realistic understanding of yourself.

Finalist for a 2017 New Mexico/Arizona Book Award

ISBN: 9781544895017
Bug Press in 2017


Are many nostalgic accounts of the good old days examples of selective forgetfulness? These 14 short stories are loosely based on actual recollections of childhoods in the 1940s, 1950, and 1960s. They are snapshots of major historical events and societal problems in the idiosyncratic way of memoirs.

Although the quirks of characters in these tales are amusing, one aspect of several of these vignettes—child and spousal abuse in so-called "nice" homes—is not funny. Perhaps, these tales will cause you to redefine the good old days.

ISBN: 1537743813
Bug Press in 2016.